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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Got Maple?

Delicious Butter Tarts - (recipe adapted from) Pies and Pastries, Pg. 205 - Mona Rhodenizer (Mrs. H. A.)

What better way to celebrate Canada then with one of Canada's quintessential desserts - The Buttah Tart!  Ooey gooey buttery goodness bundled into a tiny adorable extremely polite Canadian pie.  You can eat at least three in one sitting without feeling the slightest bit of greed or gluttony.  Nausea on the other hand?...binge at your own risk.

Similar in consistency to a pecan pie, the butter tart tends to be bit runnier in consistency due to the absence of corn starch.  While Mona's recipe is indeed "delicious" as the recipe claims in it's title - we decided to kick up the Canadiana factor a bit by swapping the corn syrup for Nova Scotia maple syrup.  We've said if before and we'll say it again - Maple Syrup - you can put that shiz on anything!...and we strongly support making it it's own food group...right along with candy, candy canes and candy corn (thanks Buddy!).