I Want a Dutch Oven Cookbook!

I Want a Dutch Oven Cookbook! - Purchase your very own Dutch Oven Cookbook from Nimbus Publising

About Us

If you have a passion for food, history, tradition and the culinary arts in general - Join us as we flashback to the 1950's and follow in the footsteps of some of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia's finest original foodies.  Join us through our culinary triumphs and defeats as we tackle Lunenburg's oldest and most cherished cookbook.

Lifelong friends and self proclaimed foodies - we share a passion for all things culinary - cooking, shopping, learning and most importantly - Eating! Originally from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (born and raised) - the pair are currently cooking and blogging their way through one of Nova Scotia’s oldest and most cherished cookbooks - The Dutch Oven Cookbook, A cookbook of coveted traditional recipes from the Kitchens of Lunenburg.

The Dutch Oven Cookbook contains recipes that are steeped in Nova Scotia traditions that date back over two centuries - tried and true recipes with Scottish, French and German influences - surely developed by some of Nova Scotia’s original settlers by taking advantage of the land and sea’s abundant harvests. The Dutch Oven Diaries documents the pairs culinary triumphs and defeats as they tackle some of Nova Scotia’s most coveted recipes - the good, the bad and the delicious! Peter and Jan are also blog conrtributors for NovaScotia.com and for Foodie.ca.

When the Dutch Oven Duo aren't whipping up Dutch Oven dishes they are always trying new cookbooks and recipes, testing culinary gadgets and cookware, dining at fantastic eats, and stalking their favorite celebrity chefs!