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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Peach Me - I'm Dreaming!

Peach Conserve – (recipe adapted from) Pickles and Preserves, Pg. 223 – Lois J. Himmelman (Mrs. Thomas)

It’s peach season!  This one’s been on our to do list for a while – with visions of peaches dancing in our heads, we decided to give it a go.  Conserve is basically a type if Jam that is processed by steeping fruit in sugar just long enough to extract the flavor from the fruit and for the sugar to penetrate.   Honestly with so many different types of preserves, jams, spreads, jellies, conserves – someone needs to write Jam making for dummies.  We don’t necessarily understand the difference between all the different types of preserves, but one thing we do know is that this shiz is good.

This recipe is made with a mixture of peaches and oranges, and does not use any pectin for thickening.  Although there is a subtle citrusy flavor, the peaches are the true star of this conserve.  This recipe thickens naturally through the cooking process and produces a beautiful golden coloured spread, full of peachy-keen goodness.  One of our Facebook Page followers suggested adding candied ginger – something we’ll definitely try next time.


Peach Conserve


12 ripe peaches (peeled, stones and mashed)
6 oranges (pealed and segmented)
6 cups sugar


Tip:  Blanch your peaches:  Place in boiling water for 30-60 seconds (until skin begins to wrinkle, place immediately place in ice bath).  The peels should be easily removed.

Roughly chop your peaches and orange segments and combine with sugar in a large pot.  Boil gently for about an hour stirring frequently.  Pour into sterilized jars and process for 10 minutes.  This recipe yields approximately six 250 ml jars.

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